How to Buy a Bitcoin? A 4 Step Procedure

How to Buy a Bitcoin? A 4 Step Procedure

BTC is a digital currency. The main purpose behind the purchase of Bitcoin is to control and secure your money. Follow the steps below to buy a BTC:


Firstly, make a Bitcoin Wallet account. Because wallet plays an important role in import and export of Bitcoin. Bitcoin wallet can be created very easily but there are various methods for it. Each method has different security. 

When you buy a Bitcoin you have to keys private and public that you store in that wallet. The public key is just like an email address and the private key is just like a password. It is necessary to save your public key and not share it with others. For this purpose must use secured wallets.


Now, you can get your first BTC in three ways. Firstly, you can buy it in a marketplace. Secondly, you can buy it in turn of selling any product or service in BTC exchange. Thirdly, you can also buy it through BTC mining.


Then, save your BTC by securing your private keys. When you buy a Bitcoin at exchange immediately transfer it to your safe BTC wallet for security purposes.

It is very risky to store money in your wallet at the exchange because in this way company control and secures your BTC. In this case, your account can be blocked and you can lose your BTC. So, transfer your BTC from exchange to a secure wallet (hard wallet).


Now you can send and receive Bitcoin. Both procedures are convenient. For receiving, only share your public key with others.

Sending method is a little bit different required transaction fee vary according to payment methods. Many wallets have QR codes that are useful for quick BTC import and export.


From the above summary, we conclude that a Bitcoin wallet is very essential for the buying of BTC. So, firstly create your wallet and then securely buy the Bitcoin. Bitcoin wallets are of two types soft and hard. Hard wallets are secured.

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