How to Identify Fake Cryptocurrency? Big Scams


A cryptocurrency is a decentralized form of currency where all the transactions are held without the involvement of any bank or government. It means that no one takes responsibility in case of any loss. The most famous cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Ethereum. These are considered more reliable and trustworthy than any other Blockchain currency. As … Read more

Future of Cryptocurrency in 2021 – Predictions and Myths


The year 2021 will go down in history as a turning point for cryptocurrencies, but what about the rest of the year? The concern in Cryptocurrency grew in 2021, making it a prominent issue not only between investors but also in commercial growth, thanks to everyone from long-term investors to newcomers. In 2021, Cryptocurrency is … Read more

Bitcoin Price – Is it increasing or Decreasing?


Bitcoin is the world’s first digital or cryptocurrency, a purely virtual form of money, invented in 2009. Elon Musk said that virtual currency Bitcoin is a good thing. The Bank of Singapore has stated that the 12-year-old currency might replace gold as the country’s store of value, as the currency’s popularity has grown worldwide. Unlike … Read more

How to Buy a Bitcoin? A 4 Step Procedure


BTC is a digital currency. The main purpose behind the purchase of Bitcoin is to control and secure your money. Follow the steps below to buy a BTC: Step1: Firstly, make a Bitcoin Wallet account. Because wallet plays an important role in import and export of Bitcoin. Bitcoin wallet can be created very easily but … Read more

CryptoPayIn Review – A Complete Detail


In this world of digital currency, crypto trading daily has become popular. This fantastic way allows you to make quick cash. However, you must first register yourself on a cryptocurrency exchange platform. CryptoPayIn is a great platform and has the most up-to-date tools and graphs that allow you to forecast the competition and invest accordingly. … Read more

Bitcoin ATM Fees


Bitcoin changed the financial market gradually after it launched in 2009. In the beginning, no one took it seriously and thought it was unimportant or profitless. But as time passed, people realized that this digital currency was advantageous. Since 2009 no hacker could reach this decentralized blockchain virtual currency. That is why investors are also … Read more

Dave Portnoy Day Trading


Cryptocurrency has been proven luckiest for so many people out there. It was not considered reliable some years ago. But now, it attracted the interest of a massive number of people, even millionaires and billionaires. It brought the lives of people from low to high in just a single night. Although the values of different … Read more

WazirX App


WazirX is one of the largest Indian crypto exchange forums and has become a popular destination for Indian crypto traders. WazirX provides 100+ cryptocurrencies to exchange, including BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, DOGE, Binance coin, along with its WRX tokens, and the user of this platform is overgrowing. Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform globally, … Read more